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Introducing Dee's Wildlife Pond.

In spring 2019 Dee created a wildlife pond in a secluded corner of BallyCairn Garden. Over the past year she has devoted many hours to developing and planting up the pond. Many of the beautiful field stones used to secure the pond bank have come from the ground of the garden and neighbouring farmland.

On completion, the pond quickly attracted water snails, beetles and pond-skaters as its first inhabitants. In early Spring this year Dee and her daughter Amy, were thrilled to discover a large, gelatinous, blob of frogspawn which soon developed into a flurry of delightful tadpoles. Watching them slowly evolve into little frogs has been a joy during the weeks of lockdown. As well as the inhabitants in the pond, all the local wildlife in the area have also benefitted. Throughout the day birds and insects frequently visit to drink and even bathe at the shallow edge of the pond. No doubt there are nocturnal visitors who check in unobserved.

Dee continues to work on the pond and has recently added a variety of floating, submerged and emergent plants to help maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Enjoy the pond slideshow!


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